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Yamamoto Ai-BURN HARDCORE (20 Capsules)


350 ден

Ai-BURN HARDCORE е додаток во исхраната базиран на растителни екстракти.

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Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-BURN HARDCORE is a dietary supplement as an adjunct of diets to control and weight reduction.

In fact the plant extracts present in the product favoring the balance of body weight (Coleus, Mate) and stimulation of the metabolism (chilli), in particular that of lipids (Bitter Orange) and carbohydrates (Ginseng).
The extract of green tea also plays a tonic function to counteract the physical and mental fatigue. Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-BURN HARDCORE is undoubtedly one of the best products in its class. The high content of active ingredients makes it very technical and specific for those seeking the best without compromises.

If you are looking for the best Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-BURN HARDCORE it is the right choice!

Only Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-BURN HARDCORE is able to offer a quantitative so high in active ingredients in a single dose!
Also Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-BURN HARDCORE provides to make a dose of 113 mg of caffeine per Capsule!

Nutritional information

90 capsules
Mean analysis
Per daily dose 1 capsule
Servings Per Container 90
Amount Per Serving
L-tyrosine 167 mg
Caffeine 100 mg
10% forskolin
83 mg
8,3 mg
Green coffee
45% chlorogenic acid
83 mg
37 mg
Bitter orange
10% synephrine
67 mg
6,7 mg
Green tea
98% polyphenols
40% EGCG
67 mg
66 mg
27 mg
10% ginsenosides
67 mg
6,7 mg
Cola nut
10% caffeine
67 mg
6,7 mg
10% caffeine
67 mg
6,7 mg
6% theobromine
33 mg
3,3 mg
Chili pepper
2% capsaicin
33 mg
0,7 mg
Mate 33 mg
Ingredients: L-tyrosine, capsule (gelatin, colours: iron oxides and hydroxides, titanium dioxide), caffeine anhydrous, Coleus forskohlii dry extract (Plectranthus barbatus Andrews root) std. 10% forskolin, Green coffee dry extract (Coffea Arabica L. seed) std. 45% chlorogenic acid, 5% caffeine; Bitter orange dry extract (Citrus aurantium var. amara immature fruit) std. 10% synephrine, Green Tea dry extract (Camellia sinensis L. Kuntze leaf) std. 98% polyphenols, 40% EGCG; Cola dry extract (Cola acuminata Schott et Endl. seed) std. 10% caffeine, Guarana dry extract (Paullinia cupana Kunth seed) std. 10% caffeine; Cocoa dry extract (Theobroma cacao seed) std. 6% theobromine; Ginseng dry extract (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer leaf) std. 20% ginsenosides, Chilli Pepper dry extract (Capsicum annuum L. fruit) std. 2% capsaicin, Mate dry extract (Ilex paraguariensis A. St. Hill. leaf), anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide.
How to use: take 1 capsule once a day, before meals or during the day, with water or other beverage of your choice.

Предупредувања: Не употребувајте ако сте алергични на било која од додатоците. Немојте да употребувате ако сте бремени или негувате. Не ја надминува препорачаната дневна доза. Додатоците во исхраната не треба да се користат како замена за разновидна и добро балансирана исхрана. Се препорачува урамнотежена исхрана и здрав начин на живот. Чувајте го на суво и ладно место. Да се чува подалеку од мали деца. Заштита од директна сончева светлина и замрзнување.


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