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Spin Bike inSPORTline Drakkaris

The Spin Bike inSPORTline Drakkaris is perfect for those who need to burn calories but do not want to go to the gym.

35.000 ден

The Spin Bike inSPORTline Drakkaris is perfect for those who need to burn calories but do not want to go to the gym. Its strength lies in simplicity – the belt drive with a friction braking system allows for quiet running while the computer screen only shows the most important information. Despite all that, it provides an intense exercise experience. Moreover, you do not need to plug the machine into an electrical socket, allowing you to put it virtually anywhere.

The sturdy flywheel is placed in the rear, making the machine perfectly balanced. The seat and the handles can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally (using a hand lever), allowing you to adjust the machine to your height. The transportation wheels will allow you to easily move the spin bike from one place to another. The Spin Bike inSPORTline Drakkaris is perfect for enthusiasts looking for an intense home workout.


Outstanding Balance and Quiet Running 

flywheel is an integral part of every spin bike. The Spin Bike inSPORTline Drakkaris‘s flywheel is placed in the rear, making it perfectly balanced and allowing for a more authentic cycling experience. The flywheel weighs 18kg, ensuring smooth and quiet running.

Adjustable Frame

The correct sitting position is extremely important as it allows you to exercise effectively on your spin bike. In order to achieve it, you need the correct frame. This model allows you to adjust the vertical and horizontal position of both the seat and the handles to your height.



Easy Resistance Adjustment

The Spin Bike inSPORTline Drakkaris offers as many as 8 resistance levels which you can adjust using the strategically placed hand lever. The main advantage of manual resistance operation is that you do not have to plug the machine into an electrical socket. All you need are batteries for the computer screen.


Key features:

  • Perfectly-balanced machine with manual resistance operation
  • No need to plug it into electrical socket
  • Powerful flywheel placed in rear
  • Belt drive with friction braking system
  • Safety brake
  • Chest belt receiver
  • Simple screen that provides basic information
  • 3 goal-oriented programs
  • Computer displays: time, speed, distance, heart rate, calories, revolutions per minute


Technical description:

Flywheel weight 18 kg
Resistance operation manual
Number of resistance modes 8
Braking system friction
Drive belt
Freewheel no
HRC program yes
Horizontally adjustable seat yes
Vertically adjustable seat yes
Horizontally adjustable handlebars yes
Vertically adjustable handlebars yes
Emergency brake yes
Flywheel & belt cover yes
Bottle holder no
Tablet holder no
Transportation wheels yes
Uneven surface adjustment yes
Display yes
Heart rate monitor no
HR belt receiver yes (for unencrypted analog 5kHz signal, we recommend Polar T31, T34, Sigma 5kHz)
HR belt included no
Dimensions Length 140 x width 63 x height 131 cm
Weight limit 130 kg
Maximum user height 185 cm
Weight 48 kg
Power source 1x 3V CR2032 (screen)
Category HC (EN957)
Use home