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Rowing Machine inSPORTline RW60


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Rowing Machine inSPORTline RW60 is an electronic machine with a wide range of functions and safety features. Its main advantage is quick and easy electronic resistance regulation. Thanks to this, you can use the HRC program which, when combined with a chest strap, automatically adjusts the resistance to achieve optimal heart rate zone for increased exercise effectivity and more burned calories. Rowing Machine inSPORTline RW60 has a 4-kg flywheel, 16 resistance levels, magnetic brake system and a solid durable frame. Another important feature is its highly comfortable ergonomic seat on a rail with 6 self-lubricating ball bearings. This set-up ensures the machine’s very smooth running.

The LCD screen displays time, distance, calories burned, strokes per minute, total number of strokes, heart rate or watts. Unlike with other rowing machines, the display also shows room temperature, calendar and the current time. There are, of course, preset programs, as well as pedal straps to secure your feet, a folding mechanism, and transport wheels so you can move the machine more easily. The weight limit is 150 kg. Rowing Machine inSPORTline RW60 is an ideal choice for strengthening and stretching your back muscles, arms, legs, buttocks, abs and lower back. All the above attributes make the machine more than suitable for home use.

Key features:

  • sturdy steel frame
  • special surface treatment resistant against scratches
  • long aluminum slide bar with 6 self-lubricating ball bearings
  • ergonomic PU seat
  • fixating feet straps
  • race game against computer
  • HRC program: resistance adjustment to keep the heart rate in optimal zone
  • Computer displays: time, distance, actual/total count of strokes, output, HRC, room temperature, calendar, clock


Technical description:

flywheel weight 4 kg
resistance control electronic
resistance levels 16
rail 96 cm
brake magnetic
programs (in all) 20
pre-set programs 12
user programs 1
hrc program yes
watt program no
manual program yes
pulse sensor no
transport wheel yes
levelling system yes
chest belt receiver yes
chest belt included yes
audio input no
folding construction yes
total dimensions 223 x 50 x 96 cm
dimensions in folded state 95 x 50 x 148 cm
max. user weight 150 kg
weight 33 kg
power source net adapter 9V, 500mA for 230V
category HA (according to EN957)
use home